Three videos on Bordeaux 2010 en primeur

So the prices on Bordeaux 2010 are coming out and they are for the most part predictably expensive… although one can find mid range wines of excellent quality for more modest prices. Like a bee drawn to honey, I of course tasted many wines I cannot afford, starting with Chateau Ausone, a rare Saint Emilion that is insanely expensive… Here my brief take on Chateau Ausone and the charming second wine:


Thomas Duroux meanwhile at Chateau Palmer enlightens Elin McCoy – author and Bloomberg journalist – and wine writer Mark Golodetz on the differences between 2009 and 2010 as two styles of women. Chateau Palmer has to be one of the very top wines in Bordeaux. Alas, it too has become quite expensive…

Finally, just after en primeur week, veteran Bordeaux seller Bill Blatch – also known for his superb harvest reports – gives us a fine dose of realism when talking about Bordeaux 2010… I think he makes much sense in his take on the vintage, on how it was not all that easy to taste. Take a look!

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  3. pkakaviatos says:

    Thanks for your reading and viewing, but do you really think that Bordeaux 2010 is a fantastic futures investment. If so, which bottles have you bought?

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