Riesling galore in Strasbourg: with Trimbach and Sipp Mack

By Panos Kakaviatos

A tasting of over 10 wines, mostly Rieslings from Maison Trimbach and Domaine Sipp Mack from the Haut Rhin in Alsace. This was an inaugural tasting of a new wine tasting club in Strasbourg France and participants realized that it is hard to go wrong with Riesling Reserve 2010 from Maison Trimbach. The vintage is so good, that a vin de negoce – made from a quality producer like Trimbach – should be bought with confidence. Same story with Sipp Mack Old Vine Riesling. Participants from the Strasbourg tasting – on the hot day of Saturday 27 July 2013 – also discovered just how great Trimbach’s Cuvee Frederic Emile Riesling is, coming as it does from vineyards in two grand cru appellations. The 2007 version may be even better, but is far, far too young to enjoy today. And Sipp Mack’s Grand Cru Rosacker Riesling 2010 is an absolute must. To take just one other example among more, which you can see in this video …

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