A pleasing St Aubin 2007, perfect to drink today – but has mileage yet.

Domaine Vincent Girardin Saint Aubin Premier Cru En Remilly 2007. I gave this not only a bold, but a bold and red. Why? The price alone gives it an extra dimension of appeal. At just about 20 euros in most of Europe, probably about $25-30 in the US, this wine shows zero signs of premature oxidation, just a fine nose of lemon custard – that is reprised on the palate, which is more tart lime than lemon. A refreshing tartness. Is there just a touch of just barely perceptible wet sock (terroir, lol) on the nose? Whatever you want to call it – chalkiness, too – it works. As does a hint of pleasing honeysuckle. The attack is brisk, then a mid palate creamy enough with some saline qualities that lend perky freshness overall inviting one to take … another sip. Or two. Or three. There is just enough complexity, but nothing particularly deep. The finish, though not very long, is pleasing. For the price, a fine white Burgundy indeed.

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