Summer wine from Marks & Spencer


When it’s getting warmer, most people tend to change what they drink – mugs of hot chocolate are abandoned in favour of iced lattes, and of course, wine enthusiasts will shift the contents of their wine collection around so that their summer-friendly bottles are close to hand. But how do you choose the perfect summer wine?

Well the answer’s simple, you just have to pay more attention to the food you’ll be eating in the summer months. If you’re going to be taking to the barbecue with relish, then you’ll want a wine that sets off the smokey taste of grilled meats and vegetables, while you’ll want a lightweight white to go with a fresh feta salad.

There are countless combinations, too, and you’ll find that shops like Marks & Spencer tend to change their selection of wines with the seasons to help you to find just the right taste for the right time of year. The best part is that chilled wine is going to go down an extra big treat, as you’ll find that a cool glass is just what you need after a long, hot day under the sun.

There are also certain types of wine that, regardless of taste, will be a more-than-adequate fit for whatever meal you’re cooking up during the few months the sun is cooking the world around you.

Rosé wine, or “pink” wine as it’s also known, is perfect for the summer. With a light, crisp taste and a wonderful match if you’re serving anything from grilled chicken to a cheese platter with a little fruit on the side. It’s also a great wine to drink in or out of the shade, as some wines are a little heavy for warm weather.

It’s important to consider the weight of your wine – many people like to eat light during the summer months because to do otherwise tends to make us more lethargic than we’d like to be, when we’re trying not to sit there and sweat! Light wine is more refreshing and as such is perfect for yourself, or entire parties full of people who are all after something cool and tasty.

There are endless Rosé wine options, so it’s just a case of popping down to the shops and picking up a few bottles to test, in addition to some marvellous whites and lighter reds – and don’t forget that chilled Champagne is also always an option.

Enjoy the summer!

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  1. sOUNDS LOVELY!!!!!

  2. pkakaviatos says:

    Glad you like it Massimo! Looking forward to organising a double vertical with you of Giscours and Haut Bailly in February 2012!

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