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Alsace: a work in progress

Hello readers! No, I do not mean by the title that Alsace is a work in progress. Well, partly. I mean, there is much afoot in this great wine region that is sometimes confused with Germany. Let’s face it: German shaped bottles, Germanic sounding names. It is enough to drive some producers – such as […]

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Riesling galore in Strasbourg: with Trimbach and Sipp Mack

By Panos Kakaviatos A tasting of over 10 wines, mostly Rieslings from Maison Trimbach and Domaine Sipp Mack from the Haut Rhin in Alsace. This was an inaugural tasting of a new wine tasting club in Strasbourg France and participants realized that it is hard to go wrong with Riesling Reserve 2010 from Maison Trimbach. […]

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Paul Blanck in Kientzheim: in the heart of Alsatian wine country

By Panos Kakaviatos At least since 2005, when I first visited Domaine Paul BlanckĀ  (great website, by the way) in the southern part of Alsace wine country, I have appreciated the quality and prices of wines from this excellent wine producer in the Haut Rhin, the lower – and more famous part – of Alsace. […]


The wines of Alsace: Video at Albert Mann

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Jean Trimbach visits Washington D.C.

Jean Trimbach visits Washington D.C. store MacArthur Beverages Alsace. White wine comes to mind, yes? Unlike most other French wine regions, the wines are named first and foremost after the grape, although terroir names have gained increasing prominence. There are many grand cru vineyards in Alsace, for example, but people still think in terms of […]