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Three videos on Bordeaux 2010 en primeur

So the prices on Bordeaux 2010 are coming out and they are for the most part predictably expensive… although one can find mid range wines of excellent quality for more modest prices. Like a bee drawn to honey, I of course tasted many wines I cannot afford, starting with Chateau Ausone, a rare Saint Emilion […]


Looks like high(er) prices for 2010 Bordeaux…

So, already as of 21 April, some Bordeaux 2010 prices have been issued. For those who do not know, Bordeaux sells its wines as futures. While the wines are in barrel – and after the trade and journalists and hacks like yours truly have had a chance to taste – prices come out for future […]

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Bordeaux 2010: tasting notes in the raw

2010 = 1986/1996/2005? 2009 = 1982/1990/1989? Such are the broad brush parallels drawn by some in Bordeaux, but who knows? I have had a few days to think about Bordeaux 2010, and I admit to feeling overwhelmed by yet another vintage where some critics bestow so many near 100 point scores for… barrel samples. From […]


September 1 in Bordeaux: very dry July and August plus notes from Haut Bailly, Domaine de Chevalier and Malartic Lagraviere

Chateau Haut Bailly For over 10 years now, I have been visiting Bordeaux at least twice a year, and I have come to like certain wines more than others. One of my favorites in the appellation of Pessac-Leognan, located in the southern Leognan part, is Haut Bailly. Chateau director Veronique Sanders and winemaking director Gabriel […]

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